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Hit the scene in the MLB as a hard throwing (maybe/definitely) bit too cocky 23 year old.  Experience of a lifetime breaking into one of the finest pitching staffs baseball has ever seen.  Soon after breaking in I began having almost as much fun talking trash as I did throwing 100 mph fastballs by guys.  Can't live with your hair on fire forever, though.  Eventually I had to grow up.



Well, there's no denying that my mouff probably made me more famous than my left arm did.  Although not always having been portrayed accurately, I've never shied away from giving my opinion on the most PC of topics.  I've learned over the years that you can tell more about a man by who his enemies are than who is his friends are.  There are some people who I simply don't want to like me. 



When you like your image; go with it.  Over the past few years I've enjoyed being "John Rocker" and taking the PC police to task. Wether in my book, "Scars and Strikes", being a cast member on "Survivor", adding baseball commentary on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta or in my columns for World Net Daily I've made sure my politically incorrect image has stayed intact.  Which brings me to my new website, "therealjohnrocker.com".  The theme of this site will be devoted to political incorrectness, sports commentary, and current events through my blog as well as products that will be offered periodically.  God knows I didn't work this hard for 20 years on my image to lighten up now.  Be ready for down and away, but watch out for 'in your ear'!

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